What Our Clients say

After tying another breeder with no results my vet recommended I call Angel Chihuahua Puppies… what a difference, professional, caring, cheaper, a true lover of all dogs, gentle methods that had amazing results the transition has been so easy for max and he is doing well with our kids and even our kitten.
Julia Keys
I just wanted to say thank you very much to Angel Chihuahua Puppies for such a marvelous puppy! Our puppy is an amazing addition to our family. She is so smart and cuddly. She has managed the transition very well. Our dog Holly loves her. Of course her, as with all puppies, loves to nip and chew. However, she was very gentle with our 14 month daughter. Thanks for the love, we will remember it for a very long time.
Pete Anderson
Thank you so much for the gift. That was a very nice touch to an already great transaction with you. I will and have recommended people to you as I keep getting compliments on Lola wherever we go. I searched a long time for the perfect breed and then breeder and we are so happy with our decision on both. You made everything simple and stress free. We love Lola very much and she gets the best of anything as she is so beautiful and smart and funny. She is in puppy classes as well as puppy play time. She goes everywhere with us and is doing good on a leash. Thank you.
Maggie Male
I approached Angel Chihuahua Puppies about purchasing one of their Chihuahua puppies because their dogs are well behaved, beautiful and have great health records. I found the experience to be wonderful, my dog has a clean bill of health and a great temperament. I would recommend them to all forms of Chihuahua lovers; he has an expansive knowledge and is always happy to help. I am a proud member of the family.
Kate Henret
To be completely Honest I was kinda scared at first getting into the process but for the benefit of doubt they gave me reason to try them and i can say this has been one of the best decisions i have ever made, i got my best friend and companion from here and i am really happy today and i thought this kind of dog bites! But you said I could pet her and she is really just nice and wants to kiss me thank you sooo much and to any one trying to get a puppy from here, trust me you will not regret that. Regards
I am writing this letter for "Bohdi," a female Chihuahua owned by Kenneth and Anne purchased here. We have had "Bohdi" in our hospital on different occasions for various reasons such as boarding, vaccinations, surgery, etc. She is a very well behaved dog and very friendly. Never on any occasion has she ever acted aggressive in any way. When we have seen her, she has also been very healthy that tells a good story of where she came from, i would recommend this platform to anyone trying to get a healthy puppy
Sonjo Malis